Washington Decoded Reviews Red Conspirator

Murray Seeger, a journalist who formerly wrote for the Los Angeles Times, has reviewed Thomas Sakmyster‘s book about J. Peters, entitled Red Conspirator for Washington Decoded.

Mr. Seeger writes:

Sakmyster… tells the story of Peters in copious detail. His narrative relies on sources in Hungarian, a language almost impenetrable to non-native speakers. Sakmyster’s knowledge of Hungarian history (both there and among the émigré community in the United States) also allows him to put Peters’s movements in a broader context not often found it books about spies.

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3 responses to “Washington Decoded Reviews Red Conspirator

  1. John Gillgren

    Sir, I am trying to figure out if you are making a reference that J. Peters is John Pepper or Jozsef Pogany? I have found 18 pseudos and 4 code names for J. Peters, none come close to Pepper or Pogany. Please explain if this is the same man. Thank you, John

  2. John Gillgren

    Mr Sakmyer – I have been investigating the disappearance and possible execution of Juliet Poyntz where J. Peters name has been mentioned as either an assassin or planned her murder. In regard a previous reference about Peters, I have found 28 pseudos/code names for him. How many have you found?

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